PropertiesCMS Provides Courier and Auto Pickup Services in Lahore for Online Websites.

If you are looking for reliable Courier & AutoPickup Service then PropertiesCMS will be your best partner.

How this Service Works?

Auto Pickup and Courier is one of the most important service of PropertiesCMS.This service automate Order Management and Deleivery of order.When this service of PropertiesCMS is activated.All Orders are transfered to PropertiesCMS and whenever there is New Order PropertiesCMS will be notified automaticaly.When order status will be marked to ReadyToPick our courier team will pick order from your Location and deliver it on the described address.Collected order amount will be transferd to your account automaticaly or will be handed personaly.

How to activate Auto PickUp Service?

Login to Account

First of all login to your Website account and you must know your PropertiesCMS Customer Pin And ID which you can get from PropertiesCMS Customer Account


Activate Auto Pickup Service

Once your are loged in go to Auto Pickup menu.Provide Customer PIN and ID and submit request.It's done.You are ready to use this service

Auto Pickup Service